For Ronald Elbers (owner of Pirich Nederland BV) we have designed and delivered a system for the hybrid demonstration ship “Skyfall”.
4 pieces 200Ah Victron 12.8V LiFEPO4 BMS batteries provide the onboard power.

The Lithium battery is also used to power both the 15kW hybrid waterjet as well as a 5kW bow and stern jet thruster.
This makes it possible to sail almost silent and still have full maneuverability.
If more power or speed is required, the 270 hp diesel engine is started which seamlessly takes over the thrust from the hybrid unit.

At the same time, the battery is fully charged again for the next whispering trip.
Onboard there is plenty of comfort thanks to the powerful Multiplus that provides the power supply to the Nespresso machine and the refrigerator.

Great opportunity for an ice-cold Vodka Martini, “shaken not stirred”